Sam Platizky Reel

"Ticker Tocker" Commercial

Sam plays Benedict Arnold in this commercial for "Ticker Tocker," which began airing on TV in March 2020.

"Distancing Monologues"

When the Coronavirus pandemic of 2020 occurred, Sam reached out to a group of talented actor friends and had them record these monologues that he wrote.

"I've Got You Beat"

Sam stars as "The Clown" in this short film that has been an Official Selection at Independent Shorts Awards, Prisma Awards, Gen Con Film Festival, NJ Horror Con, End of Days Film Festival, and the Portland Comedy Film Festival.

"Tales from the Narrow Bridge"

Currently in-production, this horror anthology features 9 short films and a wraparound story. Sam stars in, wrote, and directed several of the shorts.

"Monster Mash"

This sizzle reel/trailer was filmed for Isaac Platizky's feature length horror comedy screenplay "Monster Mash."

Samuelson Furniture Commercial

Sam played the founder of Samuelson Furniture in this special 85th anniversary video.

"Cupid's First Day"

Sam plays "Duke" in this fun and quirky romantic comedy about a down on his luck Cupid, which was an Official Selection at the Golden Door IFF, Gen Con Film Festival, Fort Worth Indie Film Showcase, and Brightside Tavern Short Film Fest.

FanChest Commercial

Sam filmed a holiday commercial for FanChest in late 2018. 

"Green Scare" Teaser

This teaser played at the end of the first test screening for "Yellow Scare." It teases the 3rd part in the "Scare Trilogy," written by Sam Platizky, that he hopes to film sometime soon.

"Click Send"

Sam starred in and produced this Horror Short, written by Isaac Platizky. It has been an Official Selection at the Gen Con Film Festival, Brightside Tavern Short Film Festival, the Golden Door IFF, NJ Horror Con, Die Laughing Film Festival, and the Cutting Room International Short Film Festival.

"Yellow Scare"

In 2016, Narrow Bridge filmed its 4th feature length film, a WWII comedy written, starring, produced, and edited by Sam. It was completed in late 2017, and has already been an Official Selection at the Hoboken IFF, Auckland IFF, Fort Worth Indie Film Showcase (Best Foreign Sci-Fi Feature), Gen Con Film Festival, and the Golden Door IFF. It is now available for purchase on Amazon & to stream on Amazon Prime.


In 2017, Sam reprised his role of "Detective Connors" in the second episode of "Spooky." This short went on to be an Official Selection at the 2017 Gen Con Film Festival.

Cabin of Errors

In 2015, Narrow Bridge filmed its 3rd feature length film, a romantic comedy "Cabin of Errors" written by Sam's brother, Isaac. Sam plays Dave, the best friend of the lead. "Cabin of Errors" won Best Feature at the 2017 Laugh or Die Comedy Fest, the Gold Kahuna Award for Best Feature at the 2017 Honolulu Film Awards, and was an Official Selection at the 2016 Golden Door IFF, 2016 NY Film Screenings, and 2017 Fort Worth Indie Film Showcase. "Cabin" is now available on Amazon Prime, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Target, Walmart, Best Buy, Google Play, and the XBox Store.


In 2015, Sam played "The Ginger" in the short horror comedy "Bill," written and directed by Joey Mosca.


In 2014, Sam played the role of the drug addicted "Trevor" in the short horror film "Lucifer."

"Something Wicked"

In 2014, Sam also starred in the Off-Off-Broadway Play "Something Wicked." Press for "Something Wicked:" "The cast exemplifies incredible talent..." (Carly Mento; "In the play, Macbeth is also superbly performed by Zachary Libresco, Samuel Platizky, and Jay William Thomas..." (Juan Recondo; "I would be remiss not to mention the stellar acting and ensemble work that makes this piece so interesting and unique. This is a power packed group playing out ideas that push at the edges of performance. I feel they are not only great actors, dancers and musicians, they are committed to jumping off and away from what they know, they are alchemists creating and finding what the jaded rest-of-us might not even see. Like seeing Spalding Gray or going to the Wooster Group before they became household names, why not go watch them grow? And then you can say... I saw them when - before everyone knew how great they are!" (Alice Jane Klugherz;


In 2013, Sam starred as Detective Connors in the webseries pilot "Spooky."


In 2012, in the middle of Hurricane Sandy, Sam wrote "Blackout," a short horror film, which he later starred in as Adrian.

"Lost & Found"

In 2012, Narrow Bridge Films set out to create a web series called "Lost & Found." Delays of all shapes and sizes plagued the cast and crew, but they were finally able to finish the series in 2015. Sam's character "Sean" is the focus of Episode 10, which you can view here. You can view the entire series on the Narrow Bridge Films website.

"Tell Me Something Good"

Also in 2012, Narrow Bridge Films created the short film "Tell Me Something Good." Unfortunately, in the midst of editing, the hard drives with the footage were stolen. Fortunately, backups were found and assembled, and the short was released in 2015. In this short, Sam plays "Chad."

"Dark Wings"

In 2011, Sam starred as "Eric" in the short horror film "Dark Wings."

"Red Scare"

In 2011, Sam starred as "Rex Steel" in the Cold War Zombie Comedy "Red Scare." "Red Scare" went on to win the Silver Ace Award for Best Feature at the 2012 Las Vegas Film Festival, the Gold Kahuna Award for Best Feature at the 2012 Honolulu Film Awards, was Honorable Mention at the 2012 Mockfest Film Fest in Los Angeles, and was an Official Selection at the 2012 New Jersey International Film Festival and the 2012 Golden Door International Film Festival. You can watch it in its entirety here... "Red Scare" is also available to purchase on Amazon.

"Blaming George Romero"

In 2010, Sam decided for the first time to take a script he had written and self-produce and star in it, and thus Narrow Bridge Films was born. Sam plays "Sam" in "Blaming George Romero." "Blaming George Romero" went on to be an Official Selection at the 2011 Golden Door International Film Festival and the 2011 Bergenfield International Film Festival. You can watch it in its entirety here, or purchase the DVD on Amazon.

College Theatre Reel

BONUS: A reel of some of Sam's college theatre work including scenes from "The Secret Garden," "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum", and "Anything Goes."