Blaming George Romero

Sam's first produced screenplay. Written in 2009 and filmed in 2010. Blaming George Romero was an Official Selection of the 2011 Golden Door International Film Festival & the 2011 Bergenfield International Film Festival.

Red Scare

Sam's second produced screenplay. Red Scare was written and filmed in 2011. It won the Gold Kahuna Award for Feature Film at the 2012 Honolulu Film Awards, the Silver Ace Award for Feature Film at the 2012 Las Vegas Film Festival, and was an Official Selection of the 2012 Golden Door International Film Festival, the 2012 New Jersey International Film Festival.

Yellow Scare

Sam's third produced feature screenplay. The screenplay was finished and shot in 2016. It won Best Comedy & the Founders' Award at the 2018 Golden Door International Film Festival, Best Foreign Sci-Fi Feature at the 2018 Fort Worth Indie Film Showcase, and Outstanding Achievement Awards for Best Actor (Sam Platizky), Feature Screenplay, and Narrative Feature. It was also an Official Selection at the 2018 Hoboken IFF, the 2018 Orlando Film Festival, the 2018 Gen Con Film Festival, the 2018 Comedy World Network IFF, the 2018 Auckland IFF, the 2019 Bergen International Film Festival of NJ, and the 2019 Northeast Mountain Film Festival.


Toilet Prayers

Sam's first produced short screenplay. Written & shot in 2012.


Sam's 2nd produced short screenplay, written in 2012 and shot in 2013. Sam was also nominated for Best Actor in a Horror/Thriller Short at the Summer 2020 Brightside Tavern Short Film Festival.

Distancing Monologues

Sam wrote the Distancing Monologues at the start of the 2020 pandemic for some of his actor friends. They recorded their performances and Sam edited them together.

S'Election 2020: The Morning After Monologues

Sam wrote a monologue for this Election 2020 themed monologue event. (It is the first one after the intro.)


First! can be viewed in its entirety on IFT Network. It is a comedy short that tells the tale of the first man to ever send an unsolicited dick pic via cell phone. It was an Official Selection at the 2020 Gen Con Film Festival, the 2019 Independent Shorts Awards (Honorable Mention - Best Comedy Short), and the 2020 Fort Worth Indie Film Showcase (WINNER - Directors' Choice Award, NOMINATED for Best Foreign Comedy Short) and is an Official Selection of the 10th Annual Golden Door International Film Festival & the 2021 Twister Alley Film Festival. 

Ghost Tour

Ghost Tour It is a horror short that is about... you guessed it... a Ghost Tour. 

Tales from the Narrow Bridge: The Wyrmwood Devil

Tales from the Narrow Bridge: The Wyrmwood Devil is a feature length horror anthology that was written by Sam Platizky, Isaac Platizky, and Jenna Kildosher. Segments that were written by Sam include: The Wyrmwood Devil & The Good Host (co-written with Isaac Platizky), Switcheroo, and The Butcher Man (co-written with Isaac Platizky & William R. Farley).


 Off-Script is a romantic comedy written by Sam. It was a Quarter Finalist in the 2019 Nicholl Fellowship in Screenwriting Competition. Reader highlights include: 

"This delightful, innovative 'non-romantic comedy,' is clever, funny, and, in fact, the quintessential romantic comedy-hidden in a thinking person's film. The script, in three-act structure, indicates a mastering of the art of screenwriting, as well as a gift for comedy, with a keen sense of rhythm, comedic timing, and pacing."

"... a really impressive story that worked on many levels."

"There is a voice here. The intention of the piece was clear and the command of the material was strong and showed a lot of talent."

"Probably the most brilliant thing about this script was its ability to tell a good story while at the same time integrating a metaphor for life that was really meaningful."

Off-Script was an Official Selection of the 2020 Fort Worth Indie Film Showcase, where it was nominated for Best Overall Feature Screenplay and won Best Comedy Feature Screenplay. It is also an Official Selection of the 9th annual Austin Revolution Film Festival, where it is also a nominee for Best Comedy Feature Screenplay. 

Other unproduced, original feature length screenplays include: 

  • The Dybbuk Box (Horror)
  • Slasherz (Horror)
  • Rachel Winters & the Lost Island (Urban Fantasy)
  • Dark Ride (Horror Fantasy)
  • To the Ends of the Earth (Romantic Comedy)
  • Green Scare (Comedy)
  • Being Social (Comedy) 

And Co-Written with Isaac Platizky: 

  • Murder on the Southbound (Horror-Mystery)
  • The Tragic Tale of Timothy Finch (Horror)
  • A Chanukah Story (Comedy)
  • The Acceptance Letter of Benjamin Doyle (Fantasy Comedy) 
  • The Trials of Benjamin Doyle (Fantasy Comedy)
  • The Reunion (Supernatural Comedy)


In 2017, Sam decided to attempt a feature length screenplay based on the classic Disney attraction The Haunted Mansion. Since then, he has also written feature length screenplays based on Pirates of The Caribbean & Journey Into Imagination.